Citizen Science & Data


Find a way to reward citizens for contributing data.

We’re proud to say that after some Border Sessions editions the AstroPlant has grown from an idea to a new way of doing research on the possibilities for growing crops on Mars. Pilots have been a success; plants have been growing and data has been collected. So now it’s time for the next step.


This year’s next step is upscaling the number of kits and start analysing and working with that data. We want to create a team including everyone who has contributed, from the organisation to loyal citizens who provide data on a yearly basis.

AstroPlant and other Citizen Science projects delivering data are struggling with rewarding the citizen scientists and other contributors.

It makes sense to us that these loyal citizen researchers should be rewarded for their research. This is important for creating citizen science groups that keep on working together. A shift from a one-time contribution to being part of a team. But how to create this team?

At this year’s Border Sessions lab on Citizen Science and Data, we want to focus on thinking about the ownership of the data used by this team. What stimulates the researchers to keep on collecting data? Are individual researchers or the team owner of the data? Is it open data or can the data be sold?

So join us at Border Sessions this year to contribute to a new way of creating a team where citizens and professionals want to work together on a genuine basis of equality. It doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is your contribution. Everyone can contribute!

Research questions:

1. How to reward citizens for contributing data?

2. Who is the owner of the data in a citizen science project?

3. How to create a citizens research team?


Data is getting a more and more valuable resource, used secretly by companies and governments, but every citizen (you) can be a part of contributing towards more open data used for things you find important.



To be announced soon


Thieme Hennis


30 spots still available


Wednesday 12 June


10:00 — 16:00 hours


Central Library The Hague
Spui 68
2511BT The Hague

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