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Banning more plastics out or of your life or contributing to reducing plastic waste? Find out how.

More and more people are aware of the impact of the plastics in their lives and want to do something about it. But what exactly can we DO? The European Union has agreed to ban five single-use-plastics. This has an effect on households, stores, and everyday experiences. But these are only five kinds of plastics and plastics are deep-rooted in our economy, used for almost everything. Can we start banning more of them ourselves? And meanwhile, can we do something useful with plastic waste and prevent it from ending up in our oceans?

At this year’s Precious Plastics lab at Border Sessions, we will work on two cases to find answers to these questions. The first is a plastic-free beach bar in Scheveningen. In current beach bars, plastic is part of daily business and essential for multiple functions. It gets used to ship food, to serve the food, and to eat the food. All this plastic was added to the supply chain with a reason, so removing it from the situation can cause old challenges to resurface. How do we prevent food waste without plastic packaging? How do we maintain the feeling of cold lemonade through a straw?

The second case is about recycled plastics making a surprise appearance in unexpected locations. Can we use marble-like material made out of plastics in places where real marble is needed? Designers have already created the material, so now it’s time for the next step. Which palace can we start renovating with plastic marble? Or should we build a new palace made out of nothing but plastics?

So if you want to ban more plastics out or of your life or contribute to reducing plastic waste, join us at Border Sessions 2019 and start doing so.

Research questions:

1. How can the catering industry operate successfully without using plastics?

2. What can we build with marble-like material made out of recycled plastics?

3. How can two opposites, banning and recycling plastics, be part of one sustainable system?


Plastics are a big part of our lives, but everyone can reduce the use of it by banning plastic articles out of their lives, step by step. Meanwhile, until it is completely banned, we can do amazing things with the waste that remains.



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To be announced soon


Thursday 13 June


10:00 — 16:00 hours


De Besturing
Saturnusstraat 91
2516AG The Hague

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