The Life and Death of a Sex Robot

Korzo Theater
13 June


The release of the first ever sexrobot in the Netherlands is set for this spring:

Robin, by Mytenga B.V.. The Life and Death of a Sex Robot follows Robin’s life cycle: from the factory where she’s made, to the first use, ending with recycling.

Lindertje Mans and Roald van Oosten create a series of pop songs telling her story. The Life and Death of a Sex Robot is set on the point where the oldest, most human of desires meet the latest developments in technology. A theatrical concert that stimulates all senses. Are we ready for a new, intimate, relationship with our technological devices?”

Concept and performance: Lindertje Mans

Music/lyrics: Roald van Oosten and Lindertje Mans

Director: Thomas Schoots

Duration: 45 mins

→ This performance is English spoken

Date Time Venue Session type
13 June To be announced Korzo Theater