Charlotte Jarvis *

CHARLOTTE JARVIS is an artist and lecturer working at the intersection of art and science. Charlotte’s work often utilises living cells and DNA: she has grown her own tumour, recorded music onto DNA, seen her heart beat outside her body and is currently on a quest to make her own (female) sperm. Charlotte has exhibited her work in eleven international solo shows and over one hundred group exhibitions featuring large-scale multimedia installations and performances. Her work has been exhibited across the world in spaces such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK, Kapelica Gallery in Slovenia, Guangdong Museum of Art in China and at The Venice Biennale in Italy.

She has been resident artist at a number of universities and scientific institutions, including the European Bioinformatics Institute, The Netherlands Proteomics Centre and the Hubrecht Institute. Charlotte has won the Bioart and Design Award and been peer-review published in Leonardo Journal. She is currently a lecturer at the Royal College of Art London and Goldsmiths University and also teaches classes at the Central Acadamey of Fine Art Beijing, Birmingham University and Imperial College London.

Charlotte is an Exoplanet obsessive, lover of 80s synth pop and collector of GMO body parts.

Latest work: In Posse: A mission to make ‘female’ sperm.

*Participating in BAD Award program