Isaac Monté *

ISAAC MONTÉ is a design activist and a sustainable designer with a fascination for unusual materials and an urge to master and manipulate these materials. His work is also often described as bio-based design.

He is a Belgian designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Isaac studied at art academies in Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway. His interest in material driven design developed at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where he graduated as a product designer in 2013. The work of Isaac Monté has been shown in a variety of museums, galleries and exhibitions in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy, USA, Austria, Hungary, United Arabian Emirates, China, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. Isaac is lecturing and leading workshops in various institutions, from the industry (IKEA) to art academies.

Monté was awarded The Threshold Price as the most talented  graduate in 2013, with his project “Filter Factory”. In 2014 he was awarded the Henri Winkelman Award for young creative entrepreneurs in Rotterdam. In 2015 he won a Bio Art and Design Award. This award gave him the opportunity to design “The Art of Deception” in collaboration with Toby Kiers, Professor in Evolutionary Biology at the Free University of Amsterdam.

*Participating in BAD Award program